Network Infrastructure Audit


Network Infrastructure Audit is the systematic approach of evaluating your current network infrastructure. The audit provides you the clear picture about safety and security of your network infrastructure along with the detail loop holes in the network infrastructure. It also provides you a detailed report about where your resources are allocated and if they are used correctly.


Today almost every organization has its own complex network infrastructures. It keeps growing according to the need and business development. Within just few years, companies manage to install a number of external and internal network devices on the existing system. It really becomes difficult for the companies to detect the errors and loop holes in the network infrastructure and here comes the need of Network Infrastructure Audit. It helps organizations detect and analyze the current status of an organization’s network infrastructure. It also helps them understand their network infrastructure in better way.


The main objective of the Network Infrastructure Audit is to check current condition of the infrastructure against various widely accepted standards. It also gives a clear picture to business owners that whether their existing Network infrastructure is in good condition or not? It helps identify all the loop holes and errors in the existing network infrastructure.

What we offer?

Indicium Assessment uses a comprehensive approach when it comes to network infrastructure audit. Our highly experienced professionals use the latest technology and software to analyze the operation and design of your current infrastructure. Network Infrastructure Audit carried by Indicium Assessment discovers your all IT assets. Our professionals analyze every PCs, laptops, network, software and servers within your network to enhance the efficiency of your existing network infrastructure.


  • Hardware discoveries: Our experienced professionals identify and track all the IP-addressable devices including, printers, switches, PCs, mobile devices and data storage devices.
  • Network security check: Our professionals analyze your network infrastructure against any threat by creating a detailed report about your network security.
  • Server security and health check: Indicium Assessment also carries the comprehensive server security check to identify any type of loop holes or security lapse in your current server security system. Our professionals also provide you the detailed report of overall health condition of your server so that you can make the changes in future accordingly.

Benefits of Network Infrastructure Audit:

  • Enhance your existing network infrastructure performance by mapping it correctly.
  • Enhance capability of your network infrastructure according to the current demand.
  • Identify critical areas that need attention to facilitate future growth.
  • Helps detect any physical or any other configuration errors.
  • Verify the exact condition of your network before any up-gradation.

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